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If you purchased an engraved product here at you have the chance to be our winner of the month. We're giving away prizes to those who managed to scrape together the most votes . In our gallery of designes you can follow the race to see which engravings that are at the top.

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First Prize of the Month

This month you can win an engraved product of your choice from our product range for yourself, your family, your society, your business or your friends!

Join the contest! This is how...

  • Create your design and place your order
  • Give your design a title if you wish
  • Share your engraving on Facebook or your blog to increase your chances of winning
  • Collect the most votes and win!
  • § In order to give everyone an equal chance every design has exactly one month to collect as many votes as possible
  • § The design that receives the most votes during this month, will be named winner
  • § Only paid engravings can enter the competition. Do you have more than one design in your order, you can of course compete with every design if you want :)
  • § The design can only get one vote per visitor per day. After 24 hours, one can vote again.
  • § Your design can only win once but we will provide an additional special prize to the best engravings of the year

Winner May

9 votes

As winner of the design competition of May, "The Accountant" was to collect the 3 engraved products of his choice. Ka-ching!

The Bank Man

Laughs all the way to the workplace....

Thanks Must say I'm very happy with your engraving service. Really nice that you can get any type of engraving and this smoothly and easily. Glad so many liked my engraving!
- The Accountant

The Accountant's prize

Winner December

58 votes

Greg is our December winner with this lovely family crest design.

Buchanan family crest

Silver engraved Zocor wallet

- Greg_B

Greg_B's prize

Winner July

39 votes

No wonder this cool card holder design was voted the winner of july. The engraving really stands out on the stainless steel.

Dropkick Murphys

Dropkick Murphys

Thank you very much wildwallets. This was a nice bonus to my kollekshun!! Tnx
- Emil

Emil's prize

Winner June

32 votes

Clearly interested in the Futurama TV-series our june winner chose to select her engraved product prize in the shape of a sci-fi inspired wallet

Shut up and take my money!

A gift for my beloved boyfriend

First and foremost i want to thank the people that voted for my wallet to make me the june winner. I also thank that gave me this prize and I also want to say that i strongly recommend this site where we can create our own unique wallets etc.
- Li

Li's prize