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If you only handle bills then you are at the right place. Pick your favourite from our stylish money clips from designer brands. Here you get the best prices, personal service and fast delivery. If you still aren't satisfied you always have money back guarantee for a whole 30 days.


We offer the possibility of engraving your money clips

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Money clips have become very popular recently. More and more people choose to only pay with notes and get rid of the coins. Wallets and card holders take too much space in your pocket. Money clips are convenient since they take little space and you can access the money in a smooth way. For some it's an image thing to have only notes and not caring about small change and coins. Perfect when you pay for a drink at the bar or play at the casino. Money clip stands for your personality and attitude. Choose a money clip that represents your style!

Style your money clip and make it unique! Create an engraving with symbols and text ready for you to use. You can also upload your own image.

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